61+YCWmmq4LIn my garage-less house, I had to get creative to come up with a good outdoor stroller storage option for storing our very wonderful, but very large, stroller.  Schlepping it inside every night was getting difficult, and even if I was willing to do the schlep – I didn’t have a great indoor storage space for it either!  Plus – I love having it on the porch, ready-to-go for a quick walk.  I’m pretty pleased with the solution and wanted to share it with you!

1)  I purchased a cheap, waterproof tarp from Amazon, some heavy basic steel washers (linked picture below),  and some zip ties (linked picture below).


2)  I draped the tarp over the stroller so that the tarp covered most of the stroller but didn’t touch the ground.  I want the tarp to hang low enough to make sure any rain water or snow would drip off without damaging stroller, but I also wanted to allow some air flow underneath tarp to avoid mold/mildew.

3)  I trimmed any extra tarp (mostly at each corner).

4)  I used the zip ties to attach some washers to each of the reinforced steel holes of the tarp – all the way around the perimeter of the tarp.  I would recommend 10 washers to each zip tie. (see picture below)

photo 1

5)  I covered my stroller with my tarp!   It doesn’t look stunning sitting on my porch, but it is working to keep my stroller in good shape and helps me avoid shlepping it inside every night.  (And we haven’t yet had complaints from any neighbors)  🙂


6)  Optional:  I used a permanent marker to quickly mark where my handlebar was.  Not sure this was necessary, but I think it fits best this way so I like to position it correctly.

7)  For easy storage while I’m not using the tarp, I gathered a bit of the material together and attached an extra zip tie to the center.  This way, I can just hang the tarp near my porch while I’m using my stroller and it’s easy to grab it and re-cover the stroller when I’m finished.

photo 3

This solution definitely isn’t as good as a garage, or even an outdoor shed, but is much, much, MUCH cheaper and has been doing it’s job for us.   Check it out!



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