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40% off of Mattel and Fisher Price

40% off of Mattel and Fisher Price 

The Amazon GoldBox Deal today is 40% off of select Mattel and Fisher Price stuff — toys and other baby gear included.  Check it out!!!  There are a LOT of great deals.  Here’s a link to all of the choices.

Some specific sales that caught my eye include:

1.  My Favorite Baby Swing –

$89.99 for the Fisher Price swing with the A/C adapter that plugs into the wall.  Even better than yesterday’s deal on a similar swing.


2.  My Favorite Baby Play Mat – 

The Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym is available in the pink colors for $29.99 and in the traditional colors here for $31.79.


3.  Fisher Price Rock N Play

The Fisher Price Rock N Play Newborn Napper available for $44.99


4.  Fisher Price Deluxe Booster Seat

This Fisher Price Booster seat for $17.99 is a great, easy-to-clean, option for a small space OR  a great second high chair.


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Stroller Hook, by Think King

stroller hookStroller Hook, by Think King

This Think King stroller hook is my new favorite stroller accessory.  For $15 you can add so much functionality to your stroller!  These hooks are universal, and attach to any stroller, regardless of make or model.  The hooks allow you to hang shopping bags, diaper bags, water bottles, etc from your stroller without adding so much added weight and/or bulk to the stroller when it’s not toting anything.  You can use both hooks at once for a large bag or a diaper bag, or you can use a single hook for a small bag, a baseball cap, or a water bottle.  They are super-easy to install.  Just a simple velcro strap, and the leather just stays in place on any material!  They stay in the place YOU put them and will not move around when you’re collapsing stroller or putting it in the trunk.  Also – I love that there’s nothing huge and bulky sticking out of the stroller when they’re not in use.  Check it out here, on Amazon.  This Think King stroller hook is my new favorite stroller accessory.  For $15 you can add so

Disclaimer:  The Detroit Baby Drive is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Fisher Price Piano Playmat

71SNR6f+caL._SL1500_In my opinion, this Fisher Price piano playmat is the best and most versatile playmat around.   I followed all the registry guides and bought a playmat with my first baby, but thought it was only a little better than a blanket.   It took up a lot of room on my floor and my babies didn’t pay much attention to the stuffed toys hanging from it.  Also – it was only useful for such a short window of time before it had to go into storage.  This playmat gives a bit more bang for your buck, some cuter hanging toys, and lasts longer before it needs to go away.

When you position the piano vertically, the baby can lay on his back and look up at the toys while playing piano with his feet.   The bar can also be moved so it’s laying on the floor, which is great for tummy time.  When the piano is positioned horizontally, the baby can practice his sitting skills while banging away on the durable instrument.

Stage 1
Stage 2









Disclaimer:  The Detroit Baby Drive is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.








Outdoor Stroller Storage

61+YCWmmq4LIn my garage-less house, I had to get creative to come up with a good outdoor stroller storage option for storing our very wonderful, but very large, stroller.  Schlepping it inside every night was getting difficult, and even if I was willing to do the schlep – I didn’t have a great indoor storage space for it either!  Plus – I love having it on the porch, ready-to-go for a quick walk.  I’m pretty pleased with the solution and wanted to share it with you!

1)  I purchased a cheap, waterproof tarp from Amazon, some heavy basic steel washers (linked picture below),  and some zip ties (linked picture below).


2)  I draped the tarp over the stroller so that the tarp covered most of the stroller but didn’t touch the ground.  I want the tarp to hang low enough to make sure any rain water or snow would drip off without damaging stroller, but I also wanted to allow some air flow underneath tarp to avoid mold/mildew.

3)  I trimmed any extra tarp (mostly at each corner).

4)  I used the zip ties to attach some washers to each of the reinforced steel holes of the tarp – all the way around the perimeter of the tarp.  I would recommend 10 washers to each zip tie. (see picture below)

photo 1

5)  I covered my stroller with my tarp!   It doesn’t look stunning sitting on my porch, but it is working to keep my stroller in good shape and helps me avoid shlepping it inside every night.  (And we haven’t yet had complaints from any neighbors)  🙂


6)  Optional:  I used a permanent marker to quickly mark where my handlebar was.  Not sure this was necessary, but I think it fits best this way so I like to position it correctly.

7)  For easy storage while I’m not using the tarp, I gathered a bit of the material together and attached an extra zip tie to the center.  This way, I can just hang the tarp near my porch while I’m using my stroller and it’s easy to grab it and re-cover the stroller when I’m finished.

photo 3

This solution definitely isn’t as good as a garage, or even an outdoor shed, but is much, much, MUCH cheaper and has been doing it’s job for us.   Check it out!



Zoli Cup Sippy Cup

31Kk6OMqXtLThis Zoli Cup has become one of my favorite cups, and I tried A LOT of sippy cups and a LOT of straw cups.

I start early with cup skills and really try to use regular open cups during meal times as much as I can.  I (try to) only use sippy cups or straw cups between meal times, during car rides, and for taking water into the crib at night.

If choosing between a straw cup and a sippy cup, from a speech/oral-motor perspective, straw cups.  (Sippy cups are not a developmental milestone AT ALL, just a convenient and often spill-proof choice for parents.)  Therefore,  I try to use straw cups instead of sippy cups when possible.   I place emphasis on the word “try” …. because I do use sippy cups as well.  (I’ll leave that to a separate blog post though because after trying almost every sippy cup on the market, I end up favoring the cheapest/simplest choice).

Anyway – as straw cups go, I like this one especially because: 1) the weighted straw allows kids to drink even if they aren’t holding the cup completely upright, and 2) my kids can’t take the straw out!!!!!   Check it out today — The Zoli Cup comes in 2 size options the 6 OZ version and the 9 OZ version.

**Note – I recommend this cup for water only.  Though I did get this great OXO contraption 519Dq2g26rL._SL1200_to help clean sippy cup parts, I still find anything with hard-to-reach insides is best used with water only.**

Boon: Flair Review

71Ucha7SUqL._SL1500_As soon as the pediatrician gave our baby the go-ahead to start eating solids, we started our search for the perfect high chair. The more we asked around, the more we heard the same (funny) word over and over again – boon. After doing our due-diligence (ie – reading Amazon reviews) we decided this was the chair for us. 

When it finally came in the mail, it was as just chic and modern as I thought it would be. The chair’s basic one piece design is very pleasing to the eye, and the pop of color makes it fun. We ordered the white seat which comes with a neon orange tray; but the gray seat comes with a neon green chair and tray. (Electric blue and fuchsia are also available to order separately.)

The heavy chair rolls around easily, but with one push of the foot-brake, the chair becomes much more stable and difficult to move – which is great for when your baby gets into a squirmy fit. With the pneumatic lift, you can easily adjust the height of the chair for your convenience, and to bring baby to the table to join in the family meals. One Clorox wipe, and the chair looks brand new – and the tray can easily pop into the dishwasher.

We were sold on its functionality, easy clean-up, and classic design – but the ultimate critic, our 7 month old, also gives her stamp of approval with a big gummy grin every time she goes in it, and we know we made the right choice.

Check it out on Amazon HERE.

Reviewed by Bryana Toran, guest blogger for the Detroit Baby Drive.


FREE? Everyone loves free!

6a00e398228361883301a73d685d69970dThank you to KOAB (via Swaggrabber) for the heads-up that you can get a season of Sesame Street From Around the World is FREE today on Amazon.  In addition, the download qualifies you for $1 credit towards an MP3 purchase on Amazon.

Once downloaded, the season (or episode you choose) can be watched as many times as you’d like!  Haven’t watched any of these yet, but hey – for free, it’s worth the try.  🙂   Check it out HERE on AMAZON.