21DKR9CP-YLThis is another item on that list of “things-I-thought-were-unnecessary-and-later-learned-were-amazing”.

With two young kids at home, and lots of diapers, I have come to love this pail.  We have the Diaper Dekor Plus (a larger size than the standard).  It can be used as a diaper pail as long as we need it and then can be converted into a regular garbage pail.

Some diaper pails require you to stick your hand all the way into the pail to shove the diaper in, but this pail let’s you easily toss the diaper in hands-free.  A major plus.


It has a convenient lock to keep those very-curious, exploring children out of it – and the bags are extremly easy to change.  From reading reviews, I learned that the regular bags keep out odors much better than the newer and better for the environment choice – so we stuck with those (shown in picture 2).


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