71tMnA8zS1L._SL1500_This Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing is my favorite baby swing.  Its a great choice for a few reasons.  It can swing both side-to-side or front-to-back, it has a built in mobile/mirror for baby to gaze at, it has two different incline settings for younger/older babies, it has music/silent/white noise choices,  and the best part — it comes with an AC adapter so you don’t go broke replacing the batteries.

It does take up a bit of room, but I find it’s worth it.  I stick it in one of the corners in the main room while we’re using it, and then store it in the basement after the baby grows out of it.   The size is actually a big advantage to any family with toddlers walking around.  The raised swing allows the toddler to peek in, but doesn’t allow him/her to plop right down on top of baby like some of the floor swings do.  It’s also easier on Mommy’s back!!  Check it out on Amazon HERE.



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