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Fisher Price Baby Swing

71tMnA8zS1L._SL1500_This Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing is my favorite baby swing.  Its a great choice for a few reasons.  It can swing both side-to-side or front-to-back, it has a built in mobile/mirror for baby to gaze at, it has two different incline settings for younger/older babies, it has music/silent/white noise choices,  and the best part — it comes with an AC adapter so you don’t go broke replacing the batteries.

It does take up a bit of room, but I find it’s worth it.  I stick it in one of the corners in the main room while we’re using it, and then store it in the basement after the baby grows out of it.   The size is actually a big advantage to any family with toddlers walking around.  The raised swing allows the toddler to peek in, but doesn’t allow him/her to plop right down on top of baby like some of the floor swings do.  It’s also easier on Mommy’s back!!  Check it out on Amazon HERE.



Zoli Cup Sippy Cup

31Kk6OMqXtLThis Zoli Cup has become one of my favorite cups, and I tried A LOT of sippy cups and a LOT of straw cups.

I start early with cup skills and really try to use regular open cups during meal times as much as I can.  I (try to) only use sippy cups or straw cups between meal times, during car rides, and for taking water into the crib at night.

If choosing between a straw cup and a sippy cup, from a speech/oral-motor perspective, straw cups.  (Sippy cups are not a developmental milestone AT ALL, just a convenient and often spill-proof choice for parents.)  Therefore,  I try to use straw cups instead of sippy cups when possible.   I place emphasis on the word “try” …. because I do use sippy cups as well.  (I’ll leave that to a separate blog post though because after trying almost every sippy cup on the market, I end up favoring the cheapest/simplest choice).

Anyway – as straw cups go, I like this one especially because: 1) the weighted straw allows kids to drink even if they aren’t holding the cup completely upright, and 2) my kids can’t take the straw out!!!!!   Check it out today — The Zoli Cup comes in 2 size options the 6 OZ version and the 9 OZ version.

**Note – I recommend this cup for water only.  Though I did get this great OXO contraption 519Dq2g26rL._SL1200_to help clean sippy cup parts, I still find anything with hard-to-reach insides is best used with water only.**

Great CoSleeper

81DWjVKhBRL._SL1500_What’s your favorite place for a newborn to sleep?

I’ve tried several different options, and so far the The Arms Reach Mini Arc Co-Sleeper Bassinet is my favorite for the newborn stage (I use it until about 5 months, and then transition baby to crib in another room).   Comment below if you like something else better.

This model can be used as a free-standing bassinet, or a co-sleeper.  I lower the side use it as a co-sleeper, but I actually don’t attach it to my bed.   It’s nice and small, and easy to bring from room to room if need-be.  It’s a flat surface, so transition to a crib later on is super simple.

I love that this model collapses and folds up small for storage in between babies.  Some of the other models by the same brand need to be disassembled before storing.  Who has time for that??  🙂   Check it out on Amazon HERE.



White Noise

41neDSwVMLLDo you use white noise machines in your house?  I received our first Marpac White Noise Machine as a gift, and have since purchased one for each bedroom.

It doesn’t block out ALL noise, but I find it’s a nice buffer while the kids are sleeping – especially in a ranch house where the bedrooms are so close to all the household noise.   We stuck one in the guest room so that visitors can sleep comfortably and soundly through footsteps, other people talking, or children up early.  I even put one in my own bedroom!

I initially worried – would this be “addicting”?  Would my children have trouble sleeping without it?  I have not found that to be the case.  We often stick one in the suitcase when we’re traveling if there is room, but have certainly successfully traveled without it as well.

Check it out here:  Marpac/Dohm White Noise Machine

Diaper Pail

21DKR9CP-YLThis is another item on that list of “things-I-thought-were-unnecessary-and-later-learned-were-amazing”.

With two young kids at home, and lots of diapers, I have come to love this pail.  We have the Diaper Dekor Plus (a larger size than the standard).  It can be used as a diaper pail as long as we need it and then can be converted into a regular garbage pail.

Some diaper pails require you to stick your hand all the way into the pail to shove the diaper in, but this pail let’s you easily toss the diaper in hands-free.  A major plus.


It has a convenient lock to keep those very-curious, exploring children out of it – and the bags are extremly easy to change.  From reading reviews, I learned that the regular bags keep out odors much better than the newer and better for the environment choice – so we stuck with those (shown in picture 2).


Cushy Floor-Mat

51lDYv2PIgL._SL1500_A great addition to the playroom!  This soft, foamy floor mat is great for a playroom with young kids, especially for rooms with hardwood floors.

The mat gives a nice cushy pad to sit on (or fall on!).  Great for kids learning how to sit, stand, or walk.  It can be set up in any configuration.

Available on Amazon here.

And….. for those who like the edges to look complete like me, there is a 16-piece edges and corners set, available here.  Enjoy!





81AwfM7ZG6L._SL1500_If you’re a swaddling mommy or mommy-to-be, these Aden + Anais Swaddles are a must-have.  I avoided buying these with my first baby because “Why would anyone spend double on a silly swaddle?”  When I had my second baby, we got a 4-pack as a gift and NOW I see why all my friends buy these.

The Aden + Anais Swaddles ($29.99 for a 4-pack on Amazon) are far superior to all others I’ve tried.  They are larger, easier to wrap, and the material makes baby stay in securely.  Besides being a fantastic swaddle – they are also great as a burp cloth, a nursing cover or drape, a towel to wipe up spit-up, a blanket to put on the floor for tummy-time, a liner to put under the baby on a swing or bouncy seat, etc.  The material is light, breathable, and soft.  You’ll love them.  Advice– Buy at least 8!   🙂

Sleep Lady

51KffuN6cALKim West, The Sleep Lady, writes what might be the best sleep book out there.  There is no perfect sleep book, and no magical solution — however, this book gives an organized, helpful breakdown of what to do when.

It has a more middle-of-the road approach… great for those parents who feel that cry-it-out is too extreme in one direction and who feel that sleep training with no tears is too extreme (or unrealistic) in the other direction. She teaches how to effectively calm and soothe your baby without un-doing any progress in sleep training.

Kim West empowers the parent to be the baby’s coach, gently encouraging healthy sleep habits from early on.  She divides the book by age, and reminds us what the goals should be at each stage.  Check it out on Amazon…. or Kindle… here!

Britax Sale

81R3yOuA-rL._SL1500_Britax is offering an additional 15% off of selected carseats, and the B-Agile travel system, today on Amazon.

The Britax Marathon and Roundabout both got A ratings (the highest grade) from the Baby Bargains book, and comes highly recommended from all my friends with the seat.  Super easy to buckle the kids in/get them out – and looks great at the same time!

Check it out HERE if you’re in the market for a new car seat or stroller.  Check out all items on sale for 15% off HERE.

Baby Monitor Plus

61X-UFgBdqL._SL1500_You get the best of both worlds if you order a baby monitor that’s not marketed as a baby monitor.  Pay a lot less, and get a far superior camera!

If you are considering a video monitor, this Foscam FI8910W is a great option.  You can view the baby from any computer, or if you have a smart phone – you can see him/her on your phone.

Currently around 40% off on Amazon, you can get it for $65.00.

Some added features:  The camera has two-way audio so you can talk to your baby while you are out of the room.  It also has a motion detection feature so you can have your monitor or phone beep if it senses motion in the room.